Luxury Fiber Diva Amazing Fiber for Amazing Artists


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Orchid is a collection of fibers done in purples and greens. It contains Hand Dyed BFL/Wensleydale Cross grown in IL, Hand Dyed Mohair Roving from Hidden Pastures, Hand Dyed Teeswater Locks grown in NY, Hand Dyed Alpaca Cria Fleece from Hidden Pastures, Heliotrope Bamboo Top and Hand Dyed Wensleydale Locks from CO.

Bags of Inspiration are a collection of complimentary fibers that have been prepared by a fiber artist for fiber artists.  They can be used for spinning, felting and other fiber arts.  Each bag is labeled with the fibers it contains, how they are prepared and where they are from.  All fleece is hand dyed personally to compliment the other fibers in the bag. There are limited quantities of each collection available as the animals presented only grow so much fleece in a year.   Every bag contains fibers grown on my farm and will contain special fleeces grown on other fiber farms.  Know when you purchase this product that you are supporting small local farms, their livestock and their families and helping to keep the farming community vibrant in the United States!

Approximately 3oz of Prime Fibers