About Us


About the Farm

 Our family is proud to be an active part of the agricultural community.   We not only raise fiber livestock we share our experience with the  community through our involvement with the Sussex County Board of Agriculture, the NJ Farm Bureau,  4-H clubs and several on and off farm events.

Hidden Pastures is a family owned and managed farm located in beautiful,  scenic Sussex County, New Jersey.  We were fortunate to discover fiber  livestock soon after buying our farm in 2004.  We started with alpacas  and then quickly expanded into rabbits, goats, llamas, sheep and yaks.

Our  farm features a wonderful old bank barn that we have adapted to  accommodate our herd.  We have lovely open pastures, spectacular old  trees and a scenic pond.  


Fuzzy Fiber Animals!

 We have a solid foundation herds and  make careful breeding decisions for genetically sound and superior  fleeced offspring.  It is our goal to be able to continue to provide an  outstanding selection of incredible animals for you to choose from.  

Farming  is truly a family endeavor for us and we are proud to care for our own  livestock.  From scooping up to tending to births we enjoy every minute  of what we do.  We love being members of the agricultural community and  invite you to visit us and find out more about what we do.


About Natalie

I'm a farmer,  fiber artist and teacher who  has won several Judges Choice awards for ability and creativity.  I  pride myself on the rare ability to be able to provide new and  established artists not only with amazing fiber but the skills to  achieve their fiber arts goals.  As an artist and educator it is my  passion to guide others in connecting to their best creative self-using  the best fibers.  A lifetime of learning at the hands of generations of  fiber artists has created a firm foundation of skills.

I believe you  should never stop learning and that enjoying the journey is as important  as the learning itself.  I work in my studio and teach classes and  workshops both locally and throughout the region in spinning, weaving, dyeing and fiber knowledge. 

My family, especially my husband Mike, are invaluable in helping to make our farm the wonderful place it is.  Thank you for visiting, we hope to see you often.